This blog started simply as a love letter to update family and friends while I lived and worked on the road. After a few abrupt and unexpected changes, it became an essential connection for me as I untangled myself while moving along what felt like a very solitary and lonely path.

In 2009, I’d begun my life-long, dream adventure, but tinged with a murky urgency due to my nearly dying in an absurd, household accident. Two months into the journey, divorce from my husband of seventeen years left me tumbling and unsure. I stayed on the road, resolute to pare down my newly minted list I’d entitled, Future Deathbed Regrets.

And that I did. I spent much of my time working for small farms & intentional communities, interning for artists, and volunteering. Among other things, I renewed my habit of creating art and, to my joy, I began to selling it. I also returned to reading tarot cards and making artifacts.

This whole traveling thing had interrupted a career in web development, which I miss, so I am now pausing my travels to revive it in part; creating content and graphics, learning to make ebooks, and managing a little front end dev. My goal is to retire by picking up where I left off on the road, and continue knocking down the items on that damn List.

** ** ** **

Nomadic Artist

Pen, needle, shovel, guitar.
Hammer, spatula, paint brush, drum.
Knife, rope, blanket, bowl.
Paper, scissors, rock…dice.

Barefoot as often as possible.

Rolling Global – Living Local.
This is my road diary.