Money Cookies

From a lovely conversation with a guy at a bus stop the other day, I came away with a refreshing way of looking at working and earning money.

The two of us (I never did get his name) were initially standing quietly, watching cars and people make their way along the busy street. After a few moments of silence he opened the conversation by commenting on the hurry and scurry of the Rat Race. Continue reading Money Cookies

You’re a Homeless Person if…

Recently, a friend told me that his teenage nephew, whom I know on a pleasant acquaintance level, asked him if I was homeless.

I asked my friend what his response to his nephew was and he says, “well, you are, kinda, ‘yeah’?”

I took slight umbrage. I don’t feel or identify myself as homeless. I’m not out on the street corners holding signs, though I’m not exactly a conventional wage earner. Continue reading You’re a Homeless Person if…