On The Move Again

Immense CottonwoodMy deadline for leaving St. Paul was a little squishier than usual. It moved from the middle of May, out to late June, and then back a couple short hops to finally rest on June 9. I’d decided to allow my schedule to be dictated by my list of things I’d wanted done, rather than forcing those things to conform to a set time. Even though the time-line kept changing, it turned out to be a far less stressful thing than trying to manage the other way around. Continue reading On The Move Again

Project Fun Now & Then

141023_1One of this week’s fun projects, ripping out old carpeting from a living room and dining room. No sarcasm meant by that last sentence. Yeah, the task itself can suck for all the obvious reasons but what I find so satisfying are jobs and projects that amount to tangible, physical progress. Sculpting, gardening, house painting, demolition, construction, yard work, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, repair, etc. Continue reading Project Fun Now & Then

Corn Maze

kikhacornI’m really excited about this corn maze. It’s placed in the center of the house. The footprint is 12 by 12 with a sand floor. The walls are painted black and 10 feet high. The ceiling is a grid covered in black mesh that will have blue moonlight shining down and a spooky cricket sound track. The twist is the presentation of the corn. Continue reading Corn Maze