No Matter What, part 2

150104_4I’m listening and trying to gauge her level of estrangement from reality. Is she just temporarily anguished, or adrift in crazy waters over a nasty undertow? I weigh her words against my understanding of angels, and spirits, and babies. I am one of those skeptics who would love to believe in angels and that there are guardian spirits who love us and Continue reading No Matter What, part 2

Station Report

sunset out my windowSo many new things this month. The image to the right is my view while I write.

You know all that stuff I wrote in October about not being that good at designing web pages? Well, heh, I’ve got a couple web clients and one of them needs a redesign of their look and feel. I’ll be working from existing artwork and I’m feeling pretty good about that, so I think I’m well placed to give it another go. I’ve found myself some good design resources, a cool mentor and a few neat Meet-Up groups.
Web dev business started – Check. Continue reading Station Report