Dark Chocolate, Manchego Fudge

bagheera volunteering to helpA short time ago, while fixing a roll-out cupboard, I found an unopened tin of powered, dark chocolate lost in the shadows of the ‘way-back’. Just a few feet away, in the refrigerator, sat a hunk of Manchego cheese my cousin had brought home that very same week and, there I was in a kitchen with a stove. Call it serendipity. Call it destiny. I was not going to let this moment of culinary kismet pass without attempting to make a candy, Continue reading Dark Chocolate, Manchego Fudge

A Magic Garden in Philadelphia

As autumn descends from the horizon and creeps closer, I like to seek outdoor entertainment. Any excuse to soak in those last, sweet days of summer before hat & coat weather comes rolling in.

artfully decorated bridgeOn a beautifully such, Sunday afternoon I went to Philadelphia’s Magic Garden, an indoor and outdoor tile, metal, and glass celebration of Isaiah Zagar’s creativity. Continue reading A Magic Garden in Philadelphia

Good-Bye Little Buddy

spark plug wire, damagedEven though I’d fixed the spark plug wire on Bruno and it seemed to be running better, it’s not. Yesterday, I was left with one more inexpensive fix to try.

I got in my car this morning with the intention to drive it another 40 miles around town, to reach the magic goal of pushing 100 miles worth of gas through my injectors to prove or remove a fuel clog. Continue reading Good-Bye Little Buddy