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Prep for the Prep for Launch

I have this road atlas of North America, an actual paper map book. A gift from my friend Kelly Q. It’s as much a ritual piece as it is a tool, a magic book of choose-your-own adventures.

Kelly's Road AtlasI adore paper maps. It’s a thing, straight from childhood. I remember sitting in the back seat of the car on family trips, where I’d keep track of our progress on a map by watching milestones and landmarks. I would envision our car as a little dot moving along the wandering lines. It pleased me to no end when that imaginary dot on the map coincided with actual progress. (Hm, and now I have digital applications that provide this entertainment with little calculation on my part.)

Yesterday, I laid out Kelly’s road atlas upon my desk and settled in with a nice cup of tea to read it.

I’ll be heading to back to New York state, embarking somewhere mid-May to early June. The destination is firm but I have so many beautiful options on how I’ll get there. Friends and family to visit, art farms to find, and odd little spots to stand in and look out from. Activities and resources will determine the how and the when, so launch day is a little squishy this time around. I’ve got a couple of open ended tasks and some events I’d like to be a part of.

It’s difficult to wait on exciting things. While I like to start my preparations with enough time to take care of unexpected events, I avoid starting too soon. I get fidgety in those quiet moments between planning and realization but I think I’m getting the hang of finding the right balance between living in the now and planning for the later.

A quiet moment with the map book has me calculating distances and backtracking between destinations to determine travel times. This gives me an idea of expenses to prepare for, figuring what I can literally afford to do on my way, and a vague idea of time required to do it. That’s it, that’s all I need to do today.

Just a little toe in the water to settle my ‘what if’s and germinate the seeds of my summer adventure.

Leaving and Arriving

The leaving seems always the natural extension of being on the road.

This Monday, after the last fair weekend, is gentle with the sounds of dismantling and packing. Yet the grounds are quieter than usual, the lighter travelers having already left. Over the weekend we’ve talked of the next landing places, and said our ‘see-ya-laters’. Hugs and smiles exchanged, greetings and good tidings to be passed along. Continue reading Leaving and Arriving

Chores and Fun

Yay 5th Weekend! Another busy couple of days that honed my skills of hair traffic control. I’m noticing that my irritation at the bossy parents has reached it’s pique. I am tired of standing by as some poor child, with no interest in having her hair braided, is being goaded into getting their hair done just because the parent wants it. I’ve started to suggest to the parents that they get their hair done instead. Continue reading Chores and Fun

The Stars are Fantastic

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been out under such a sky. Where the Milky Way rolls across in silky brilliance. This night I’m laying out on my soft, picnic blanket. Clear above, no moon. The only clouds are along the horizon, obscuring light from the nearest cities.

140724_1Like last summer, I’ve been taking twilight walks. A great time of day for mindful connection to the world immediately around me. Often I find a place to sit and listen. Here, the parking lot has some cool boulders. The site has nooks and crannies great for solitary observation, at least until the mosquitoes chase me to the cover of my screen tent.

Continue reading The Stars are Fantastic