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Leaves and Fruit

More pruning and shaping of my creative career tree.

As much fun as I have making things. And, as much as I love every aspect of selling at art fairs from set up to tear down, my passion doesn’t boil enough for the carting and storing of large amounts of product. I like my life of few things, though I’d like to find a way to do some art shows all the same. I guess this one will sit on the back burner for now.

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Dog Nanny

140410_1The owner of the house is vegan but he’s kindly making space for me to store and cook meat. I use my own pans and dishes, soap and sponge. He offered me some meat he’d kept in the freezer from his pre-vegan days, but it’s so cold-burned I’ve been giving it as treats to the dogs. I break off a hunk for each to gnaw on while I cook, it helps me deal with their pleading stares. Just seems a little unfair not to. Continue reading Dog Nanny

Second Line, Oldstyle

My kind of bar crawl.

A combination memorial and celebration hosted by a Social Aid and Pleasure Club. They ‘roll’ on Sundays in any part of the city except during the hottest summer months.

I’ve been to second lines here and there, promo events put on by radio shows or bars, but I consider this to be my first, true experience. Walking and dancing with offspring of the originators. Continue reading Second Line, Oldstyle