To The Living

goddessDeath appears to be a vacuum, the way it takes life with such deliberate confidence. No hesitation. No one has been spit back out, to tell us what it’s like to be dead.

To have crossed that threshold. To have closed that door, turned on the light, taken a good look around and reversed tread. Anyone who says otherwise has only stepped foot on the porch and mistaken it for the kitchen. Continue reading To The Living

Alone, Yet Not Alone

On this new moon I am camping in the hills of southeastern Pennsylvania. The state park is quiet and still, maybe because this is a Monday nearing the end of summer. I imagine most camping families have begun putting away their adventure gear in favor of backyard maintenance, getting ready for school, and attending the last weddings and reunions of the season. I am heading to a reunion as well. Continue reading Alone, Yet Not Alone