On The Move Again

Immense CottonwoodMy deadline for leaving St. Paul was a little squishier than usual. It moved from the middle of May, out to late June, and then back a couple short hops to finally rest on June 9. I’d decided to allow my schedule to be dictated by my list of things I’d wanted done, rather than forcing those things to conform to a set time. Even though the time-line kept changing, it turned out to be a far less stressful thing than trying to manage the other way around. Continue reading On The Move Again

Catheryn-stein’s Mattress

Back to van life, with just a few adjustments. The most exciting being a change in my snoozing situation.

For these last six months, I’ve had the good fortune to sleep on a most comfy bed I inherited from a friend. Upon it I’ve enjoyed a sweet night’s sleep and some lovely naps. It’s one of those ‘just right’ things. The problem: the mattress width is 38 inches and the van bed space is 26. Continue reading Catheryn-stein’s Mattress

Art Crawl Coolness

Last weekend, I worked at the St. Paul Art Crawl in Lowertown. This is my second vendor event as a tarot reader and my first as an artist.

When I got home yesterday, after helping tear down the shop, I was so spent that I just heaved everything into the middle of the living room floor and left it. art stuffAs I write, I am surrounded by the tools and materials I’d brought in anticipation of my vending experience. Continue reading Art Crawl Coolness

Money Cookies

From a lovely conversation with a guy at a bus stop the other day, I came away with a refreshing way of looking at working and earning money.

The two of us (I never did get his name) were initially standing quietly, watching cars and people make their way along the busy street. After a few moments of silence he opened the conversation by commenting on the hurry and scurry of the Rat Race. Continue reading Money Cookies