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road6Name ten things that can be done with a stick. I bet you can name twenty, even forty. The list, when you think about it, would be endless. But we don’t have that kind of time. Let’s start off with these.

Dig. Plant. Herd.

Shelter. Cook. Carve.

We’re tool makers. It’s what we do, have always done. Since the first bi-pedal perambulator wrapped her phalanges around the offshoot of a large, woody perennial. We survive because we are human. We thrive because of our environment. We became the first musical instruments expressing our gratitude to the Earth. Continue reading Sticks

Alone, Yet Not Alone

On this new moon I am camping in the hills of southeastern Pennsylvania. The state park is quiet and still, maybe because this is a Monday nearing the end of summer. I imagine most camping families have begun putting away their adventure gear in favor of backyard maintenance, getting ready for school, and attending the last weddings and reunions of the season. I am heading to a reunion as well. Continue reading Alone, Yet Not Alone

Leaving and Arriving

The leaving seems always the natural extension of being on the road.

This Monday, after the last fair weekend, is gentle with the sounds of dismantling and¬†packing. Yet the grounds are quieter than usual, the lighter travelers having already left. Over the weekend we’ve talked of the next landing places, and said our ‘see-ya-laters’.¬†Hugs and smiles exchanged, greetings and good tidings to be passed along. Continue reading Leaving and Arriving