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Project Fun Now & Then

141023_1One of this week’s fun projects, ripping out old carpeting from a living room and dining room. No sarcasm meant by that last sentence. Yeah, the task itself can suck for all the obvious reasons but what I find so satisfying are jobs and projects that amount to tangible, physical progress. Sculpting, gardening, house painting, demolition, construction, yard work, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, repair, etc. Continue reading Project Fun Now & Then

Dog Nanny

140410_1The owner of the house is vegan but he’s kindly making space for me to store and cook meat. I use my own pans and dishes, soap and sponge. He offered me some meat he’d kept in the freezer from his pre-vegan days, but it’s so cold-burned I’ve been giving it as treats to the dogs. I break off a hunk for each to gnaw on while I cook, it helps me deal with their pleading stares. Just seems a little unfair not to. Continue reading Dog Nanny