Chores and Fun

Yay 5th Weekend! Another busy couple of days that honed my skills of hair traffic control. I’m noticing that my irritation at the bossy parents has reached it’s pique. I am tired of standing by as some poor child, with no interest in having her hair braided, is being goaded into getting their hair done just because the parent wants it. I’ve started to suggest to the parents that they get their hair done instead. Continue reading Chores and Fun

Corn Maze

kikhacornI’m really excited about this corn maze. It’s placed in the center of the house. The footprint is 12 by 12 with a sand floor. The walls are painted black and 10 feet high. The ceiling is a grid covered in black mesh that will have blue moonlight shining down and a spooky cricket sound track. The twist is the presentation of the corn. Continue reading Corn Maze