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Plight of the Pollinators, or, Grow Flowering Plants

This post has a little Bad News / Good News action. The bad news is the same scary stuff that’s been around for a while. The good news is something that needs to be spread farther and wider than the bad news.

The plight of the bees and other pollinators isn’t new. Their numbers have been dropping since the end of World War Two. It is the severity honey bees’ colony collapses, about eight years ago, that have brought this news to global attention. The problem is, what Dr. Marla Spivak of the University of Minnesota aptly calls, ‘multiple, interacting causes of death’ and breaks down into four basic issues. Continue reading Plight of the Pollinators, or, Grow Flowering Plants

Second Line, Oldstyle

My kind of bar crawl.

A combination memorial and celebration hosted by a Social Aid and Pleasure Club. They ‘roll’ on Sundays in any part of the city except during the hottest summer months.

I’ve been to second lines here and there, promo events put on by radio shows or bars, but I consider this to be my first, true experience. Walking and dancing with offspring of the originators. Continue reading Second Line, Oldstyle

Farms as Business

Business, as in a non-corporeal loom where the weft of mission is woven within the warp of code and rule to function for the progress of purpose by one or more people. Weaving an exo-skeletal skin of sorts that increases the power and reach of its human engineer(s).

Can we talk about the responsibility of a business to limit its growth based on resources? To question thus, does it really need to keep growing, or is it time for humans to recognize that the longevity of a business doesn’t necessarily require it to become an all consuming and inhumane entity. Continue reading Farms as Business

Cold Press

A few weeks ago I received a half gallon gift of cold press coffee. It ran out a week ago and I tried to go back to regular coffee. I can’t. I have to come to terms with the fact that whatever makes cold press different also makes it better for my tummy and overall general well being.

And now I’m craving the cold press demon. Like a cleric turning up rocks for somatic supplies, I’d been looking around my place and not having much success in finding a way to make it. Continue reading Cold Press