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Growing food, caring for the land.

Project Fun Now & Then

141023_1One of this week’s fun projects, ripping out old carpeting from a living room and dining room. No sarcasm meant by that last sentence. Yeah, the task itself can suck for all the obvious reasons but what I find so satisfying are jobs and projects that amount to tangible, physical progress. Sculpting, gardening, house painting, demolition, construction, yard work, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, repair, etc. Continue reading Project Fun Now & Then

Bee Squares

141009_2In the time that I’ve spent working in fields and flowers, I have come to consider bees and other pollinators as my co-workers. I enjoy their visits as they forage from flower to flower. They seem to pay me little mind while I weed and harvest and, in regards to bees in specific, we’re all good as long as I watch what I’m grabbing. From the honey bee’s point of view, I can only imagine that I am a lumbering behemoth who thwarts their efforts of efficiency. And I wonder if their directional dance includes a phrase something like, ‘oh and watch out for that poor dumb mammal with the funky hat and green shirt who can’t seem to find her way out of the asters and beebalm’. Continue reading Bee Squares

Plight of the Pollinators, or, Grow Flowering Plants

This post has a little Bad News / Good News action. The bad news is the same scary stuff that’s been around for a while. The good news is something that needs to be spread farther and wider than the bad news.

The plight of the bees and other pollinators isn’t new. Their numbers have been dropping since the end of World War Two. It is the severity honey bees’ colony collapses, about eight years ago, that have brought this news to global attention. The problem is, what Dr. Marla Spivak of the University of Minnesota aptly calls, ‘multiple, interacting causes of death’ and breaks down into four basic issues. Continue reading Plight of the Pollinators, or, Grow Flowering Plants

Artis Adventurous

Whew, what a whirlwind these last seven-ish weeks have been. I’m right back in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and gearing up for some creative expansion.  I’ve just started a two week series of informational interviews with friends and strangers; thriving professionals in their field involving art, teaching, writing, and entrepreneurial practices.

141002_2I am giddy, and a little nervous, about this new venture. Looking forward to building a business practice that somehow involves creative process and product. Until I’ve gotten through the interviews, I’m not exactly sure what I’m in for or how long it will take.

I think that means the quantity of time I’m spending in Minnesota will be racked up in the ‘unknown’ category. The quality will rock. Friends and family abound. I’m being hosted this month by a dear couple, at the always awesome D&D B&B, and I’m sure good times will be spent working in their beautiful yard, hanging out around the fire in quiet conversation, and putting some puzzles together. Other than that, it will be nose to the grindstone.

Hope your autumn will be colorful and your harvest is rich in love and friendship.