Cold Soil, Frozen Ideas

Well, with the weather being so cold, the soil isn’t warming up enough to get seeds started on their germination. Even the kale won’t peek out. Which means I get to spend more time on creative endeavors.

I’ve been drawing a bit and working on my Mardi Gras costume, though I’ve been finding it difficult to get far along on my design. Continue reading Cold Soil, Frozen Ideas

Sewing Colors

mardicapesIn addition to the urban farming thing, I picked up a small gig sewing costumes for this talented friend of mine, Miss Laura. Awesome good fun and, when I’m not working on her stuff I get access to a great creative space to make art and costumes for my own.

I love Miss Laura’s house. It’s a wonderful space which she joyfully decorates in warm colors and comfortable furnishings. Continue reading Sewing Colors