And The Race is ON

The starting gun: watching Bruno being hauled away on the flatbed, tow truck.

The finish line: a new-to-me camper-van of slightly larger size and easier maintenance.

At the starting line: Agency Work along side Writing & Art Business.

good bye little buddyBoth options flew out of the gate last week, neck and neck, surging forward and kicking up dirt. While Agency Work has all the markings of a fast and furious runner, I’m not counting out Writing & Art Business, a dark horse with respectable bloodlines.

I’m trying to give each occupation equitable attention, though I must say I am biased and my favorite to win is Writing & Art Business.

My mornings are spent hunting web and agency work, submitting resumes, and then catching up on the latest developments in web development. In the afternoons and evenings I groom the business and make product, throwing in the weekly yoga & tai chi class for balance. I also walk the dogs.

I think being with my cousin this winter, for however long this takes, is an amazing opportunity for many reasons. Foremost in this case, she is an excellent project manager and has taken me on as a client. I am an intensely organized individual but staying on track while in solitude is difficult. My retreat last winter was essential but navigating through the static alone-ness was time consuming in itself.

With my cousin’s involvement I have daily feedback, help in seeing things I’ve missed and direct, external, confirmation of effort and progress.

autumn roadAt a time when I could be pretty bummed for the sudden deceleration of my mobility and loss of homestead, I am finding excitement in the opportunity to improve upon that.

Agency Work, a mad sprinter, could get to the finish line first, however Writing & Art Business, a long distance favorite, will carry me on long after the race is finished.