Oh the Music of the Heart

Some days I feel so blessed.

I’m sitting in the community building of the renaissance festival campground. It’s a beautiful and rustic, wooden structure with screened windows around three sides, the kind you’d expect to find at any summer camp. It’s a homey, gathering place used day and night for rehearsals, tai chi classes, meals, games, kids’ sleepovers, and all the other assorted fun stuff. There are the benches, tables, and chairs used in all sorts of configurations. Along the single, solid wall is a sturdy counter anchored at each corner by a fridge. We have a microwave, coffee pots, and the requisite funky toaster oven.

nestled in the treesAt this moment it’s resting quietly, in its cozy spot under the trees. The weather’s been stormy on and off for most of the day. The sun is setting out over Lake Ontario, leaving a sky heavy in rust and steel gray, but here in the wood it’s already dark. The rain’s just picked up again and all the treetops are swaying. Raindrops, big and voluptuous, are hitting the roof in the kind of odd and eccentric rhythm customary to water having fought its way down through a thick canopy of leaves.

I’m writing on my laptop, sitting at the well-loved, felt-topped poker table. Folders and notes to my right and left. There’s background music provided by Alex, one of the actors. He’s sitting on the bench at the other end of the room, noodling on his portable piano. He’s been playing this bluesy, meandering riff whose melody is riding exquisitely on the beat of the rain.

Then in walks Wes, a little damp but smiling and excited by what he hears. He sets down on the bench next to Alex, at the bass end of the piano, and joins in. They play together, fingers dancing on the keys, smiling, and take the music to enchanting places. This is so beautiful that I’m having a hard time concentrating on my work, so I just stop and close my eyes. I hum a few harmonies but for the most part I listen. Letting it all just soak in.

music at the festivalThe world of working at a renaissance festival attracts a multitude of unique people all united by a flair for creative thinking. It’s a mighty wonderful thing to live in a community where imagination and ingenuity are celebrated, and creativity is a natural and expected part of being and doing.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty fortunate.

Signing off for now. May your world be shiny and comfy.