Money Cookies

From a lovely conversation with a guy at a bus stop the other day, I came away with a refreshing way of looking at working and earning money.

The two of us (I never did get his name) were initially standing quietly, watching cars and people make their way along the busy street. After a few moments of silence he opened the conversation by commenting on the hurry and scurry of the Rat Race.

He said he used to work in accounting but “threw it over” several years ago to run his own patio paving business. He laughed that he’d picked the wrong time to make the leap, considering the market, but had somehow made it work. I told him a little bit about migrant farming and road life.

The rat race theme came back and we had fun sorting various jobs by what kind of lab rat mazes we imagined they would be. In the end, all the mazes had at least one lever that released allotments of money cookies.

I like looking at being an entrepreneur in this way. Kind of deflates the anxiety and gives me a giggle to imagine myself scurrying about looking for a lever.

What I do now sometimes feels more like an agility course than a maze, which I think is one of the things I like about it. The levers are a little harder to find than those in the 9 to 5 gigs I’ve had, and the money cookies periodically come out in interesting and unexpected flavors. But, again, I kinda like that.

Well, I’m off to climb that rope-net thingy that hangs between two poles, to see if the lever up there has been replenished yet.

Whatever the floor plan of your chosen maze, may your levers be well oiled and your money cookies plentiful.