Bruno & Bessie

Suffering the Goldilocks Effect

I’ve got about six weeks left in my little St. Paul abode. I’m eying my things with a measure towards fitting what I will back into Bruno, and that which I’ll be passing along to friends or second hand stores.

I’m not so thrilled about moving back into a mini-van. There are elements that I knew I’d miss about living in the RV and then there are things I miss more than I thought. I miss my kitchen. I miss my bed, my breakfast nook, my storage space, my toilet and most of all the ability to stand up and get dressed.

Bessie was a Poppa Bear-sized place, this fact is well established. Bruno is, then, a Baby Bear-sized place. He is sleek and well suited for urban settling and great on gas mileage. The bed isn’t bad, just barely restful. For long road trips he is awesome, but for living in it’s just a little less than adequate. The weight of stuff I carry is just under what he’s rated for and I have to remove my totes in order to cook or dress comfortably. That leaves little room for taking on the occasional traveling friend. I miss that, too.

I’m scouting out Momma Bear-sized vehicles. Maybe a small step-van or camper-van, an extended van if I have to. Friends have giggled when I use the term ‘short bus’ but I think that will fit just right.

Until then, I guess I’ll continue to look like a fortunate homeless person.