Hence This Post

xcelcrMost of my friends are aware that I’m wired a little differently.

I’m pretty sure I might be the only person they know who lives in her car by choice, makes a hobby of getting lost and, when asked nicely, will give complete strangers a little companionship on spiritual exercise.

I have a problem. I’ll forgo furniture because I don’t want to punch a clock for someone else. I can’t seem to hold a regular job but give me some tools and point me towards that guy who shaves outside because his indoor plumbing is broken. I’ll spend all afternoon on that and come home with nothing more than a meal, a few improved brain cells and an interesting story.

That tale and many others, for a variety of reasons, never made it into posts. Looking back on what I did put up, I see entries that are flat and disconnected from the actual experience going on at the time. And those blank months; I thought no one would want to read about that.

I started this blog when I hit the road as a way to tell family and friends how I was doing. I love writing and I know what it takes to tell a good story, but revealing things that would betray weakness or insecurities stifled me. My biggest fear was that if I shared those strange, curious, or scary bits I would become more alone than I already felt.

Now I know different. I’ve learned that I was wrong. My problem isn’t what I thought it was.

Okay we’re that much closer.

Gonna see where this goes and, as always, you’re welcome to join me.