New Orleans, Mardi Gras week

From this pile of fabric and brick-a-brack to Petit Four (or Bon Bon, some say).

150226_3Our krewe theme; Just Desserts. Weather was the same as last year, 35 Fahrenheit and windy, so that cool, sparkly bodice was replaced with a sweater and lace top.

But this time no rain to spoil our confetti clouds as we went our way through the Quarter making fluffy paper messes and general merriment.150226_2

Hey, we made the internet! I’ve got to find the owner of this image. Love it. Here we are, confetti cannon float in full steam and manned by Petit Four, Maple Sugar, and Chocolate Mousse. Death by Chocolate and Baked Alaska looking on.

Our parade boasts two floats, the second contains refreshments and other necessities. Of course we have a marching band; this year a drum & bagpipe duo.

The end of our journey is always the Great River.

150226_6A thoughtful and heartfelt place to arrive after a long morning of parading our way through the musically riotous celebration of Mardi Gras.

From the moment we set foot in the quarter we are celebrating life, greeting friends and strangers alike with smiles and good wishes.

At the bank of the Misi-ziibi, in the comparative quiet, we pay tribute to loved ones lost, elders, and others who’ve influenced our life journey.