Big Week

Being late on my posting was difficult to handle. I had an eye on the deadline as it loomed. I tried not to fret, figuring if I worked steadily I might just be able to catch up by Thursday morning. Nope, instead I learned another lesson about planning for the recoup-ment of energy as well as the use of it.

camp slideThe biggest event was my weekend at Camp Wellstone. Intense. Full of information and social activity. Overall, I’m not happy when submersed in a political environment. I, like so many, am frustrated with the ineffective aspects of our political bureaucracy. So, when I entered camp on Friday I was a bit grumpy about it.

The most amazing thing about that weekend was how energized I felt about working within the system to fix the non-working parts. No, I’m going no further into politics than campaign volunteer, however I was reminded about how important it is for the regular citizen to be involved in their local governance.

150123_4Let me give you a real life example. There is a building going up on the St. Paul Eastside. By ‘going up’ I mean a half block has been dug up, a foundation has been placed, folks in yellow construction gear are playing with girders and concrete. This has been going on for a time yet. Planning had been announced a year ago. There were contentious council meetings that made the St. Paul paper.

But it’s now that a few neighbors of the project are holding meetings in the local coffee shop about stopping the project because they’ve only now learned about how tall it’s going to be. They express anger of somehow being cheated and fooled. So, they’re mounting their donkeys for a ride to city hall for a battle more expensive and harder to win than had they been there at the beginning.

Those folks on city council and other ground level governing groups have a hard and thankless job. By going to meetings and being there we give them the support to make decisions that fit our needs. Otherwise, they’re operating in a vacuum and left to suffer clashes of personal differences and power trips. And we end up losing. Sound familiar?

150123_1Anyway, the other big thing is my web development resume. It’s up, at, in a style I would call retro-quaint (I seem to be able to brand other people to more satisfaction that I do myself). I’d planned one page, I got four but I think that works out.

Additionally. I pubbed my second newsletter. Drew another t-shirt design draft. Wrote two proposals. Sketched up a Mardi Gras costume. Checked out Can Can Wonderland’s call for artists (pdf). Met with a client, and may have a part-time art-type job. Coolness Joe!