News and Merch is Here

Hey, I have a newsletter. I’ve also set up an Etsy shop. I’m excited to sell my wares.

[ Post Update – 5/6/15

I have closed my Etsy shop. I am still selling art but by commission and at shows and events. So, my ‘tinker’s cart’ has only changed location. Check it out at my Merch page.]

This step up is a long time coming for me. As some of you know, I wrestled with this prospect for over a year. My methodical study of adjoining my lifestyle and my creative skills within their market; what could I do or make, and would it be something people would want to buy? Additionally, considering the best ways to haul product and where to sell, or even if this was a venture worth doing at all. I sought counsel from friends and professionals who sweetly shared their wisdom and, bonus, now I have a lovely circle of advisers and a few new friends.

In my dogged state of progress, I passed two start-up deadlines. Like false peaks on a mountain climb, each time I approached the predetermined opening date there was just a little bit more work to do. I still have work to do, however, I think things are presentable enough for unveiling. The first toe in the water was my Farming Artist Facebook page and now it’s sink or swim time. (Like that metaphor leap? From mountain peak to body of water in one, short paragraph.)

So, my tinker’s cart is now open and while I currently have only one item in the catalog, I am comforted to know I’m not alone in my humble beginnings. The Fenwick Weavers Society opened the first food co-operative in 1769 with a sack of oatmeal and they went on to help a great many people directly and indirectly. If I make a fraction of a fraction of their progress I will consider my endeavor a success.

From my wintery retreat, I’m looking back on six and three quarter years of living, to varying degrees, on the road. That first leg of the journey, if I were to name it, would be called The Learning Curve.

In April 2015, the anniversary of my first seven years, I will prepare for the second leg. I’m not sure what I would call it, but to give you an idea of my intention, I am keeping Johnny Appleseed on my dashboard as, what you might call, a patron saint. A man of great heart and awesome passion, though I won’t be preaching any church gospel. The mission I’m spreading is the good word of good food, and importantly, the book of pollinators and their cohorts. Bees in specific.

Social turmoil, over these last few months, had found me momentarily torn on where to place my energies. Between the distressed food system and the violated justice system, the call to either is compelling. I’m staying with food. The way I see it is this: without pollinators – no food, without food – no people, without people, well, not much need for a justice system. I guess I’m in the clan that feeds the front lines.

To that end I will continue working for small family farms, intentional communities and willing individuals. Helping grow food and keeping their homesteads sustainable and in good repair.

In this I am also not alone. There is such a great community of folks crisscrossing the globe doing this very thing, I’m looking forward to meeting up with such friends along the way.