Station Report

sunset out my windowSo many new things this month. The image to the right is my view while I write.

You know all that stuff I wrote in October about not being that good at designing web pages? Well, heh, I’ve got a couple web clients and one of them needs a redesign of their look and feel. I’ll be working from existing artwork and I’m feeling pretty good about that, so I think I’m well placed to give it another go. I’ve found myself some good design resources, a cool mentor and a few neat Meet-Up groups.
Web dev business started – Check.

willow printMy other career arc, illustration and found object art, will soon be launched into its online store orbit. I’m really nervous about going public but also enjoying the process of creating original art and prototypes of items for sale. For starters, I’ve designed a canvas shopping bag, some t-shirts and a few prints to seed the shop. I love my little art studio, a south-facing, fully enclosed, former porch.

Hey, speaking of which, my third new thing is that I’ve found myself a little ‘square’ of my own, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Or, more accurately, it found me. A warm nest for the winter, wherein I can comfortably write, make art, cook, clean, and play music any where and any time I feel like it.

1959 KirbyMy first week in the apartment was both exhilarating and odd. I was so used to living small and having things within my reach. All of my kitchenware sat on the counter for three days before I felt comfortable putting it in cupboards. My fridge is more empty than not and will probably remain that way. I’m keeping most of my clothing in totes but I have invested in a dozen hangers for professional duds. I have inherited a few pieces of well-loved furniture from friends so I now have a comfy love seat, a sturdy art table, and a tidy writing desk with side bench for scanner and supplies. One vintage notable, my vacuum cleaner. A 1959 Kirby from a friends’ basement. Works great, just needed a little cleaning.

I have stayed in a handful of houses and apartments for various lengths of time over these last six years.  As wonderful as it is to be welcomed into peoples homes or on their land, it’s always someone else’s place within their rules. I haven’t lived solo, not counting the time traveling between farms and fairs, in near 25 years. The chance to live with myself will be enlightening. And, in specific, compared to last winter’s experience, it’s nice to have wind-blocking walls. Running water I don’t have to fetch. Mail that comes to me. A heated kitchen, tub and toilet that I don’t have to get dressed to walk (or drive) to.

141203_2I will certainly enjoy these comforts while I’m putting my revenue stream together but it is a bittersweet joy. I have my low moments when I remember that my earlier plans had me driving down to New Orleans by now. I miss my southern friends and our traditions, and the folks I’d meet along the way. I miss being in the soil, and growing food. My feet are in socks and shoes!!

So, I will stay busy this winter building a more solid foundation for continuing my work on the road. I’m connecting with old friends and folks I haven’t seen in a while. My northern circle of family and friends is a blessing and a treat. I will take full advantage of my diggs. Gaming. Music. Having folks over for dinner parties and art night fun.

Movie nights curled up on the love seat.