City Farm, Minneapolis

141030_3I spent a few hours on Friday, 10/24, at Stone’s Throw Urban Farm, in south Minneapolis. My name’s been on their volunteer call sheet for a while but I was rarely in the area when they called for help. I’m  glad to have had the chance to visit and lend a hand. The task that afternoon, covering the greenhouse.

141030_5But first, a lunch of home made burgers with chips and veggies. I enjoyed my chance to sit and soak in the ambiance. Being back on a farm felt so right, surrounded by rows of living food and the requisite machinery. Listening to folks talk about harvest and planning deliveries. Smelling fresh carrots and water. I wanted to plunge my hands into the wash tank and swirl the parsley clean. Even though the season was coming to an end, the land felt lush.

I fell right into step as we stretched the sheeting and worked the Wiggle Wire into it’s channel. One thing that rarely fails in this life is community. Where I was a stranger to their farm, knowledge and experience made us a team and love for the life stood in for friendship. We worked in the bright sun with an occasional cloud passing between. Soft breezes threatened to lift the poly but never succeeded.

One view from my perch at the top of the house, tunnels of spinach and greens and tomatoes coming to the end of their season. When my job was done, I took a moment to tighten the steps of their rickety, wooden ladder. At the end I was sent home with a beautiful bouquet of rainbow chard and a big bag of sweet spinach.