The Bosom of Autumn

141023_2Meanwhile, in addition to carpet pulling there is the putting to bed of gardens and that general kind of autumnal yard work. And what great weather for it. On my walk around the pond this morning I encountered a few industrious souls putting up strands of lights in their bushes. They were chuckling to each other about how nice a task it was to do in bare hands, without the bitter rain and cold. And no fun to be on a ladder in the snow, either.

Though, this weather has left me feeling a little less industrious about getting gardens tucked in. With the plants still blooming and turning ever so slowly, it’s hard to want to rip them up when then can still provide nourishment and cover, and such beauty. Even creeping charlie has a chance to color before the frost.

141023_3On my break I took another stroll, seems a wise thing to do while I can get them in such comfort. All along the path in Cottontail Park were the colors and sounds of trees getting ready for their long sleep. Squirrels dashing around in the curled and dried leaves, checking caches and creating more. The rabbits have become scarce, and must be busily padding their borrows with food and chaff.

This fall is so pleasantly unlike last year. I’m hoping this means the winter months will be a little gentler as well. I think everyone could use it, animal and vegetable alike.