Small Yard in the Big City

I’d visited this Chicago yard in late spring and spent an afternoon filling a few lawn bags with foliage pulled from around the rose bushes. This time, between the chest-high, flowering plants of yarrow and friends, a carpet of creeping charlie several inches thick, and a good bit of grape vine, I managed to fill 23.

140825_1The goal with this yard is to reduce the content to something easily cared for in short time by mower, weed-whip, and broom. As much as I love turning lawns into pollinator havens of prairie and flowers, the owners of this patch needed simplicity. Though, I’m sure the creeping charlie will be around for snacking.

A wheelchair ramp off the porch was no longer in use and lay like more of a yard maintenance obstacle. Its removal allowed the revitalization of the paved patio for entertaining, and as a canvas for chalk art.

140925_2I spilled a good bit of seed while pulling up the weeds but thankfully the birds were on top of it and picked the lawn clean. Bees buzzed and hovered everywhere on grapes that’d been smashed underfoot. Squirrels converged every time I took a break. I love that there were creatures eager to take advantage of the mess and clean up after me.

Bonus factor for this job is that the grapes were beautifully ripe and snack-able. If I’d been in a preserving mood there’d be a few jars of Concord jam for the table, too.