Holding Down the Everyday

140804_1Parked. Landed. Unfurled and unpacked. I have these few days pause between reunions. My heart is still pounding with joy, my head is filled to overflowing with memories. Hard to get a good night’s sleep but I must. A few days, here, to settle with some business, before slipping a short distance south for my first Vision Quest.

We will gather willows, weave the lodge, build the fire, and sing to our ancestors.

Tobacco, cedar, sage, and sweet grass.
Strings of prayer ties in Red, Black, Yellow, and White. Robes and Waluta.
These are the sacred items of the Questors.
We who will venture into the woods, to a place beyond the woods, fasting and being.
Sitting in our sacred squares, asking and listening.

Our Supporters will stay in camp, to drum and sing, tend the fire, eat for us and talk about us.
Keeping the hearth warm and the path lit.
Holding down the Everyday for our return to the feast table, where we will share in the gifts from both past and present.

Much Peace and Love.