Alone, Yet Not Alone

On this new moon I am camping in the hills of southeastern Pennsylvania. The state park is quiet and still, maybe because this is a Monday nearing the end of summer. I imagine most camping families have begun putting away their adventure gear in favor of backyard maintenance, getting ready for school, and attending the last weddings and reunions of the season. I am heading to a reunion as well.

Two, actually. One old and another new. One nestled in loud merriment of friends and family embracing with jovial exchanges of the year’s news. The other intended for quiet contemplation by oneself, listening on the wind for visits of friends and family passed, bringing wisdom from the Great Mystery. What I find precious about them both is that they are each situated in the woods near a lake, and that this natural setting is considered an integral part of the event.

In this new moon moment, I am standing at the edge of a burbling creek while our Lunar friend rests in the Earth’s shadow. Soon she will begin waxing towards her Harvest bloom, building up energy for the reaping of a summer’s hard work. But for now it is just me and the creek. The sun has set, the sky above the treetops is dark, and the last of the lightening bugs shine in the far corners of the forest.

Alone, yet not alone, I look forward to look back.