Leaving and Arriving

The leaving seems always the natural extension of being on the road.

This Monday, after the last fair weekend, is gentle with the sounds of dismantling and packing. Yet the grounds are quieter than usual, the lighter travelers having already left. Over the weekend we’ve talked of the next landing places, and said our ‘see-ya-laters’. Hugs and smiles exchanged, greetings and good tidings to be passed along.

140821_1I find it always intriguing to watch as the people break away from the village that is a renaissance fair.  The rolling of costumes, tearing down the tents and tarps. Vehicles loaded. We pull out in ones and twos, turning left or right. Waves and smiles from rolled down windows.

On my way out I passed this squadron of Canada geese who’ve been holding flight school in the parking lot for the last couple of weeks.


The drive to Philly was comfortable and easy. Of course I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. What with all the eating and talking and singing until the wee hours. Then, after, there was the laying in bed and staring into the happiness of moments passed.


I’m visiting my cousin for a few days, always a treat. Right now she and her girls are making lunch. Much giggling and laughter in the kitchen. I hope that your week has been good and that your weekend rocks.