Winding Down

Yes, now this is a Renaissance Festival. Our 6th Saturday was finally booked solid for braids, and the Sunday wasn’t half bad either. On my break I made sure to catch shows I’d been meaning to see. Lot’s of good weather and smiling faces. A lovely weekend all around.

140814_2On our last Monday before exodus, with more beautiful weather upon us, we took to the lake for a boating adventure. To Sodus Bay for hot wings, sight-seeing along the shore for drift wood and haunting all the cool swimming spots of the boat owner’s youth. Including a huge rock offshore that sits about 18 inches below the water’s surface. Visibility to the bottom on most days is great and on this one it was awesome. It was fun to sit on the rock and watch fish swim in and out of sun beams.

On this week’s trip to town I thought I’d treat myself to a sushi roll at the new place that just opened up. The interior is very pretty and the food was good, but the waitstaff were a little starved for attention. The first half of my experience was tended to by no less than four people, not including the chef. While I sat at the bar, the hostess stood a short distance away, hands folded and eyes expectant. She asked me three times how things were going, once before my food had hit the table. I ended up ordering one of their special rolls and even the kitchen staff came out to watch me eat it. A little uncomfortable but I would go back next season. With friends.

140814_2This week’s mechanical difficulty is a vacuum line on the car. My best guess is that the line to the PCV valve melted when the engine overheated last month. I had to make a new junction out of some odd parts easily found at the auto parts store. Just a day of rough running and we are back in business.

Upside news. While the Fair Haven public library has some very limited hours, it also “Crafts ‘n’ Coffee” on the first and third Wednesdays 7-9pm. With board games!