Chores and Fun

Yay 5th Weekend! Another busy couple of days that honed my skills of hair traffic control. I’m noticing that my irritation at the bossy parents has reached it’s pique. I am tired of standing by as some poor child, with no interest in having her hair braided, is being goaded into getting their hair done just because the parent wants it. I’ve started to suggest to the parents that they get their hair done instead. Other than a few puzzled looks and self-deprecating responses, I haven’t gotten anyone to bite on it. Though I think I have succeeding in sparing more children from having to suffer through the unwanted attention. Hopefully they get something more to their liking, like a garland or sword and shield.

My costume has a new shirt, and the old baggy chemise has finally been nicely tailored. Living in a forest makes basic chores like mending and sewing, far more enchanting. Out under the variegated green canopy, the tabletop and sewing machine are dappled with sunbeams and the shadows of swaying leaves. All around me are the sounds of other forest residents flitting, flying, and skittering about. I’m feeling in good company as we’re all going about our daily tasks.

Miss Laura knows the value of a good porch. 140807_1 Hers is set up on the second floor and sits amidst tall, tall trees, with a long view of the festival grounds. It’s equipped for both entertaining and offering quiet respite from the crowds. On most weekday mornings, we gather together for coffee, attending to our puzzles and books in silent commune.

This week we had two special events on our community calendar. Formal Bocce and then a recovery wienie roast the following day. In Formal Bocce the tableau is played on an open field, more like croquet, versus in the regulation court. Everyone turns out in their best suits and dresses, glitzed and accessorized as theater people do. This particular sunny afternoon was well spent on laughter, sipping cocktails, and lofting balls in long grass.

On the bummer front, my computer will no longer power up. It may only be four years old but it is very well traveled. With that in mind I suppose this might be the end of what could be considered it’s natural life span. It will be my last HP, because it’s my second HP and both computers suffered from overheating. From here on out I’ll be sending from the trusty, town libraries while I’m saving up for another handy, haul-able typer.

Hope your week is full of resoundingly good things.