Rhythm and Clews

Though this week has been rainy and chilly, there’s been plenty of musical fun to while the time. I’ve got a comfy spot in my screen tent set up for playing. Then at the Inn: blues jam, jazz jam, and misc howling into the night. A few serene practice hours on Miss Laura’s porch in between the cloud dousings. I’m feeling pretty fortunate.

140731_1The 4th weekend rocked. Hey, this is starting to feel like A Fair. Activity whirled on every street, wandering townsfolk in constant engagement with the audience. Stages played to full benches where just a few weeks ago they entertained a handful of loyal fans. Mid-week morale is up but cautious.

I’ve learned to weave clews which, in this case, are the ends of a hammock. This has been an enjoyable effort, though I’ll have to see how swiftly I can get up to speed to make the job worth my time. It’s being paid on production and after completing two of them I’m averaging $3 an hour. If I can speed up, and still like it, I might have a job with the hammock makers’ at their next fair. As it is, what I enjoy most is the meditative element. When my hands get going on their own then my mind drifts off to the sounds of the shuttle in the ropes or the birds playing in the bushes. A very relaxing pursuit.