The Stars are Fantastic

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been out under such a sky. Where the Milky Way rolls across in silky brilliance. This night I’m laying out on my soft, picnic blanket. Clear above, no moon. The only clouds are along the horizon, obscuring light from the nearest cities.

140724_1Like last summer, I’ve been taking twilight walks. A great time of day for mindful connection to the world immediately around me. Often I find a place to sit and listen. Here, the parking lot has some cool boulders. The site has nooks and crannies great for solitary observation, at least until the mosquitoes chase me to the cover of my screen tent.

Coyote sing as they do every night. I am learning their territory by sound, and that we are in it. This evening they run the valley across the road from the parking lot.

Lightening bugs have begun to wake in the forest. They rise and fall, floating in the wooded shadows. The negatives of motes in a sun beam.


140724_1Third weekend of the fair and we have a little larger crowd. More of a rowdy eaters and drinkers crowd than buyers of art and sundries. Then, no wonder. During the week, I hear the advertising campaign is picking up speed. With a radio the ad locals have nicknamed “beer and boobs”.


This week we had Christmas in July. On this warm Christmas Eve, folks make merry and sing carols until sundown. Santa takes a break from his summer vacation to deliver toys and stories. Then the candlelit Posada winds through town, singing and knocking on doors. In the end, Mary, Joseph, and procession arrive at the front gate gazebo where we have the Story of the Nativity. Complete with Angels, Sheep, and Wise Guys. Christmas Day involves more, yet gentler, merriment. My contribution, home made eggnog.