Fair Life

140717_1Second weekend, same as the first. But with more rain. Thin crowds, low morale. Gravel and sand washing from the top of the site to the bottom.

But, the weekday repairs.

Shortly after a show opens, the neighborhood coalesces into a community. In addition to making product, cleaning shops and running errands, are the fun things to do together. T’ai chi, yoga, music jams, adventures in town or on the lake, birthday parties and bbqs. Hanging out on the porch for breakfast, cocktails, or dinner. Folks from different orbits of the circuit exchanging stories and catching up on news and events.

140717_2This is a show with stories and history and I am being welcomed into a warm and close family of folks. A great place to be.

Flip side.

On my drive around town last week, I met and chatted with some lovely townsfolk. Most conversations when about the same. After introductions and my commenting that I was in town to work the Sterling fair, I received this: Welcome to New York. The fair opened? Sterling used to be a great place. Too bad (the owner) got a hold of it.

In my meander through an art gallery, a cafe, a book store, ice cream shop, second hand store, grocery store, and the auto repair shop, I was given quite the picture of the current owner as a distrustful and conniving slum lord. He is Oswego born and raised, and about whom not a single person had something nice or kind to say.

Hmm, I guess I have five more weekends to see how this plays out.


Bruno needed a new thermostat. While he was in the shop I had a few other necessities taken care of. Feels good to have the work done but a little frustrating to pay for something I could have done myself had I been in another place and time.