room1I’ve returned from my little road trip to find a dog-sitting/house-sitting gig waiting for me. There’s a bit of gardening and yard work to be done there. Lot’s of herbs, greens, and medicinals to attend. Oh, and three big, sweet dogs who proudly guard their yard and home as silent sentinels. They’re Akita which, as some might know, don’t bark much but are extremely talkative and require a ton of brushing. I’ll have my work cut out for me but I’m so happy to have a room of my own, a bathroom without black mold, and a place to get creative. I move in tomorrow, updates to follow.

Hollygrove Market & Farm news. The store is getting busy, now that the growing season is picking up. Lots of good and tasty produce to sort, pack, and stock. A shipment of chicks came while I was away. They spend their days blinking and peeping in a coffeewarm room which used to be the executive director’s office. Folks are a little unconventional here. The microwave is so rarely used that this cup of coffee sat all day while the owner looked high and low for it. Closing shift clean up reveals where it was hiding all along.