35 Degrees & Rain

Yup. That was Mardi Gras day and We: in our costumes, pulling our floats, chanting and singing, and blowing confetti on the streets of the Quarter, embraced it.

The adventure started with a hearty breakfast of eggs, grits, chops and gravy washed down with mimosas and coffee. After the floats were situated, and we’d gotten ourselves into the streets, there was no turning back until we’d reached the river’s edge for prayers and salute.

There were noticeably fewer parades and marchers on the streets but those there were filling every void with color, sound and spirit. The Society of St. Anne rocked, of course. Periodic bouts of driving rain got us a bit soggy, but bar stops helped re-energize our ambition. After our ceremony at the river we wound our way back to the staging area for a divine lunch of fried chicken and fixins’. Then back to the Captain’s house for drinks and stories. All in all a job well done.

Today, it’s cleaning up the garage and sewing room. Putting things back in place and getting myself ready for a small jaunt to North Carolina and back. I’m going to visit a few friends and check out a small town that has been recommended as a possible relaxation and creation node on my travelers map.