Cold Soil, Frozen Ideas

Well, with the weather being so cold, the soil isn’t warming up enough to get seeds started on their germination. Even the kale won’t peek out. Which means I get to spend more time on creative endeavors.

I’ve been drawing a bit and working on my Mardi Gras costume, though I’ve been finding it difficult to get far along on my design. The tricky part is that this is an outdoor costume being worn in the physically demanding role of parading. There really is no telling what the weather will be like until we are about a week away, and then this crazy vortex weather could through us a last minute curve ball.

I have some fabric and I have some ideas but right now they’re just dancing around each other in the ether. Well, I guess I just have to work it a little every day with patience and a willingness to adapt. No problem.

Hmmm…now let’s see if I can find a chicken coop to fix or a compost pile to turn.