Sewing Colors

mardicapesIn addition to the urban farming thing, I picked up a small gig sewing costumes for this talented friend of mine, Miss Laura. Awesome good fun and, when I’m not working on her stuff I get access to a great creative space to make art and costumes for my own.

I love Miss Laura’s house. It’s a wonderful space which she joyfully decorates in warm colors and comfortable furnishings. Her sewing room is small but smartly set up for best use of space and she squeezes in an amazing amount of fabrics and supplies.

There’s a barber shop just below. The kind where men tell loud stories and share copious amounts of laughter. The afternoon school bus pours kids out on the corner and straight through the doors of the shop to join in the commotion.

Across the street is a bike shop. Two years ago we watched as the new owners of the old and run down building spent every available minute fixing it up. I was excited to have a bike shop in the neighborhood, envisioning a place where I might bring my bicycle for a tune up, maybe get a new front basket. I returned this year to find it’s a motorcycle bike shop. Still, fun to watch folks coming and going with their two-wheeled vehicles.

porchPeople love sitting on their stoops in this neighborhood. You can’t walk a block without having half a dozen exchanges of “how you doin’ baby”, or “darlin’ ain’t it a lovely day.” Into my open window drift the soft conversations between neighbors and strollers.

It’s always a sweet day working upstairs in Miss Laura’s shop, surrounded by the color and textures both inside and out. Her porch is a little bit of heaven. A beautiful place for a lunch break and stretch.