Tough Decisions All Around

Just about two years ago, I was in a very different place but was faced with the same point of consideration at which I find myself once again. Only at that time I was just a little too stubborn and a bit too fragile to completely embrace the realization. Now, with the loving counsel of good friends I am able to navigate these hard decisions.

vansocalFirstly, to accept that the RV is just too big and expensive for me to handle on my own. And as much as I love the place, I can’t see storing it ‘just in case’ while I go off and try other things. Bessie has been a home for me through some hard times, fun times, and great adventures. She is a place of comfort and security, which I have appreciated the good fortune to have, but downsizing my ride seems to be the most sensible thing to do as I review my options and opportunities.

Secondly, and even harder to admit. The mobile and singular life is wearing hard on Kikha. She is so smart, and cool, and awesome incatdog all ways. She is a joy to have in my life. She helped me through some really tough times for which I will always be grateful. She waits for me while I’m away at work. She tries to be patient while I decompress from a tiring day, and does her best to listen while spinning away all that pent up energy on our walks through the woods.

Recently, I find that I am waiting for her to reach that age where she will settle down and happily sleep under shady trees while I work in the fields and gardens. Though, the problem is not her age but her breed. Neither of which, retriever and border collie, are meant to be solitary, traveling dogs. They love their territories and their charges. I have no doubt that she loves me and Squeegee but she deserves to have a family with children to herd and another four-legged hound with whom to bound.

So, two years of stubbornly sorting these feelings later, here I am again.

After a gentle, month-long search, KiKha was adopted this morning by the very kind of family that I’d been hoping to find. They are friends of a friend and had been looking for a dog just like her, and, by odd coincidence they had been on this quest for the last two years.

kikhacanOh, sigh. The hurt that comes with this decision is comforted only by the knowledge that these are the right things to do.