Corn Maze

kikhacornI’m really excited about this corn maze. It’s placed in the center of the house. The footprint is 12 by 12 with a sand floor. The walls are painted black and 10 feet high. The ceiling is a grid covered in black mesh that will have blue moonlight shining down and a spooky cricket sound track. The twist is the presentation of the corn. The field itself is upside down. Awesome!!

Adam and I finished the grid for hanging the corn this morning. The rest of the crew spent the day gathering bunches and bunches of stalks. While we hung the field, Kikha found her own fun hopping on and off the trailer and snuffling her nose in the piles. At points she stopped to strike a pose and sniff the air, as if she were guarding something precious. Then, without warning, she would spring off the pile for a run around the truck and trailer.

kikhamazeThe basis for this maze idea (used with glad permission) came from a haunted house I’d worked in a few years back. In the basement of the Soap Factory, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Once all the corn is hanging it swings freely and will create the craziest shadows. It moves freely enough to allow for people to run through it with minimal breakage, thus requiring minimal maintenance.

As Kikha demonstrates here, there is enough space between the corn tassels and the floor to keep the area clean of tripping obstacles, roll a few large beach balls around, and, to allow for a creepy daemon or two to reach for some knees.